Pictures of some of our clients
Josh - the most adorable newfie
puppy - look at those cheeks!
"The Boys"   Nixon, Dudley & Oscar!  
How cute are we?
Miss Bella and her handsome big brother, Martin
The "Wiggle-butt twins!" - Zoe & Tessa
Molly &  Ollie - We won't can't make us!
L'il D - Now let's see you get on
all fours and I'll toss
you a treat!!
Buff - C'mon , you know
you want to kiss me!
Bump - I'll take my
breakfast in bed, thanks!
Sweet Skunki - Alright, who
woke me up?
Her Majesty, Elizabeth
Gabby...she knew what she was doing
when she showed up in the yard,
picking her new home!
Calvin - A.K.A. the
purring machine!
Presto - Got milk?
Sebby - waiting patiently for his walk
(and looking super cute!)
Snow angels - Mikey & Mollie
Mersian - I'm laughing on the inside
Cobi - what a smile!
Ashley - Hey, where's my snack?
Max - Enough with the camera...just
give me my hugs and kisses!
Simon - such a sweetheart &
sporting a stylish sweater!
The ultra-affectionate Sydney
Boomer - Life is good!