Your peace of mind and trust are very important to us.  So that we may provide quality,
individualized care for your pet(s), it is our policy to provide a free in-home consultation
prior to providing any services.  At this time, we will get acquainted with you and your
pet(s), their routine and their surroundings, as well as answer any questions you may
have regarding our services.  After the initial visit is complete, if you'd like to contract
our services, we will fill out a
service agreement and acquire two (2) sets of keys to
your home.  
How it Works
**Please note: we require two (2) sets of house keys to ensure nothing
prevents us from caring for your pet(s) properly.**
While you are away, we visit your home as many times as you request - generally 2 -3
times per day.  Our scheduled visits ensure your animal never goes for long periods of
time without someone to care for him or her.  Each visit is a minimum of 20 minutes.  
We feed them per your directions and always give fresh water.  We take them out to
relieve themselves, play with them or snuggle on the couch, whatever your pet prefers.  
We do our best to make their time as happy and stress-free as possible in your
absence.  This includes high doses of TLC!

While at your home, we will also bring in the mail or newspapers so they aren't piling up,
which is a clear sign that no one is home.  Another way to give your home a "lived in" look
is alternating your shades/blinds and lights.  We will water your plants at your request
and will even do errands such as picking up pet food/supplies or light grocery shopping
for your return home!

We also offer a "Work Week Mid-Day Relief" service.  While you are at work, we will
come to your home and give your pet(s) a much needed mid-day break.  We will take
them out to get fresh air, relieve themselves and romp in the yard.  At your request,
we will take them for short walks (weather permitting).
** Please note: all dogs and cats must be current on
vaccinations.  For dogs, required vaccinations include rabies and
DA2PP (parvo/distemper).  For cats, required vaccinations
include rabies and FVR (distemper).  If pet(s) is not currently
vaccinated for medical reasons, a statement to that effect
from Client's veterinarian must be provided. **