Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting
This Agreement is made between ________________________________ ("Client") and Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting ("Pet Sitter").

1.        Services.  Pet Sitter shall provide care and services requested by Client and memorialized in the Service Agreement,                     
Attachment(s) and Veterinary Authorization Form hereto in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

2.        Standard of Care/Limitation of Liability Insurance.  Pet Sitter agrees to provide services in a professional, caring and                      
           trustworthy manner.  Although Pet Sitter will use the utmost care in watching Client's pet(s) and home, animal behavior is             
           unpredictable and Pet Sitter shall not be responsible for mishaps of an unusual nature, such as injury, disappearance, death     
           or fines related to Client's pet(s), damage to Client's home or furniture caused by Client's pet(s), biting damage caused by           
           Client's pet(s), etc., not resulting from the negligence or willful misconduct of the Pet Sitter.  Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting              
           accepts no responsibility for security of the premises or loss if other individuals have access to the home before, udring or           
           immedicately after the term of this agreement.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Pet Sitter shall maintain liability insurance and      
           be bonded.

3.        Immunizations.  All pets who will receive services pursuant to this Agreement must be current on the following immunizations:   
            Dogs: Rabies and DA2PP (parvo/distemper); Cats: Rabies and FVR (distemper).  Client shall provide proof of current                   
            immunizations.  If Client's pet(s) is not current on their immunizations for medical reasons, a statement to that effect from            
            Client's veterinarian must be provided.  In the event Pet Sitter or other person is bitten or otherwise exposed to disease or           
            ailment from Client's pet that is not currently or properly vaccinated, Client shall be responsible for all costs and damages           
            related to said incident.

4.         Other pets.  Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting accepts no responsibility for animals at client's home without previous                           
             arrangements.  If pet sitter arrives to a visit and finds a pet that we have not agreed to care for, Pet Sitter cannot be held liable    
             for mishaps of any kind pertaining to that pet.  In this instance, client will be charged for a separate visit in addition to their           
             scheduled visit.

5.        Keys.  Client shall provide
two (2) sets of house keys to Pet Sitter to ensure Pet Sitter is able to gain access to pet(s). If only        
           one(1) key is provided by Client, Pet Sitter is authorized to make an additional copy of key(s).  If this occurs, Client is                       
           responsible for the cost of any additional keys and will be charged for the Pet Sitter's time.  Keys are kept securely on file at Pet   
           Sitter's office.  If Client wished to have keys returned at the end of an assignment, an $18.00 trip fee will be applied each time      
           Pet Sitter picks up or returns keys.  There is no charge for the initial return of keys.

6.        Reservation/Cancellation Policy.
Daily Mid-Day Clients:
          Reservations:  Requests for service made after 5pm the day before, or made on the same day, will incur an additional $5             

           Cancellations:  No charge for visit if cancelled by 5pm the day before a scheduled visit.  Fifty percent charge applies fr                   
            cancellations made after 5pm the day before, or for same day cancellations.  Full charge will apply if Pet Sitter shows up for a     
            visit and is not needed or if already on their way when the cancellation is made (within one hour of the scheduled time frame).

Vacation/Out of Town Service :
          Reservations:  Requests for vacation/out of town service must be made with at least three days (72 hours) notice.  If Pet Sitter     
           does not receive such notice, an additional $5.00 per visit fee will be applied.
          Cancellations:  No charge for visit if cancelled with at least three days (72 hours) notice.  Cancellations made with less than        
           three days (72 hours) notice, will result in a charge for fifty percent of the amount of the total booking up to a maximum of               
           $30.00.  Full charge will apply if Pet Sitter shows up for a visit and is not needed or if already on their way when the cancellation  
           is made (within one hour of scheduled time frame).

 Please note that last minute requests are not guaranteed, and the time slot requested mau not be available.  The more        
            notice given, the more likely the request will be accommodated.

7.        Compensation.  
          a.    If Client has requested Basic Pet Sitting services while away on business, vacation, etc.:
                  i.        The fees and expenses provided for by this Agreement, including any
attachments hereto, shall be paid in full                
                              immediately upon completion of the contracted services.
                  ii.        A 50% deposit is required before services are rendered.
          b.    If Client has requested on-going services (i.e. Work Week Mid-Day Relief Break):  The fees and expenses provided                 
                   for by this Agreement, including any attachments hereto, shall be due and payable weekly, payable on the last day that          
                   services will be provided each week.

           A handling fee of $25.00 will be charged on all checks returned for insufficient funds.  Pet Sitter is under no obligation to allow    
            additional time for payment, and may elect to terminate this Agreement for Client's failure to pay for services in accordance          
            with this Agreement.  In the event it is necessary to initiate collection proceedings, Client shall be responsible for attorney's         
            fees and costs of collection.

8.        Inclement Weather.  Client is responsible for ensuring Pet Sitter can safely gain access to their property in inclement weather.    
           Should it become necessary for Pet Sitter to remove snow/ice, Client is responsible for all costs incurred, including                        
           compensation for the Pet Sitter's extra time.  In the event that Pet Sitter cannot gain access to Client's driveway, Pet Sitter is          
           authorized to hire a snow removal service and Client is responsible for all associated costs, including tow charges, should it      
           become necessary.  Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting requests the name and phone number of a person living nearby (with              
           access to your home).  This should be a person close enough to walk to your home if roads are impassable (for example a         
           neighbor).  If we are physically unable to drive to your home, this information is needed so that we can contact this person to        
           request their assistance to check on your pet(s).  In the event that the client does not provide a nearby emergency contact with     
           access to their home for Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting, client realizes that Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting will provide service, but   
           not until conditions allow us to reach your home safely.

              Name of Emergency Contact: __________________________________________________________________________
              Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________

              Home Phone: ________________________________________ Cell Phone: ____________________________________

9.        Authorizations.  
a.        Pet Sitter is authorized to provide care and services outlined in this Agreement, including any
Attachments hereto.
b.        Client authorizes this Agreement to be valid approval for future services so as to permit Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting to accept   
            client's telephone, text or e-mail reservations and enter client's premises without additional signed contracts or written                 
c.        Pet Sitter reserves the right to have one person of their choice accompany them for safety reasons.
d.        In the event Client does not furnish an adequate amount of supplies (such as food, litter, etc.), Pet Sitter is authorized to                
            purchase those supplies necessary to perform the services required by this Agreement.   Client shall reimburse Pet Sitter          
            for all such expenses, including supplies + charges for Pet Sitter's time at the rate of $35/hr.  
e.        Pet Sitter will clean up accidents to the best of her/his ability.  If there are accidents or messes that require Pet Sitter to extend     
            the length of a scheduled visit, Client will be charges at the rate of $35/hr.for Sitter's extra time.
f.        If Client's pet(s) becomes ill or suffers an accident or injury, Pet Sitter is authorized to seek emergency veterinary care, with           
          release from all liabilities related to transportation, treatment and expense.  Should Client's regular veterinarian be                          
          unavailable, Pet Sitter may approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a                
           veterinarian of Pet Sitter's choice.  Pet Sitter will use best efforts to notify Client if this becomes necessary, and Client shall           
           be responsible for all expenses related to such veterinary care.
g.        Pet Sitter is authorized to arrange for another qualified person to fulfill responsibilities as set forth in this Agreement in the           
            event of personal emergency or illness of Pet Sitter.  Pet Sitter will use best efforts to notify Client if this becomes                           
            necessary and all terms of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
h.        If Client's pet(s) poses a danger to the health and safety of Pet Sitter and such safety concerns prevent Pet Sitter from                    
           caring for pet(s), Client authorizes pet to be placed in a kennel of Pet Sitter's choice, and Client agrees to pay for all such              

10.        Modifications.  This Agreement may be modified by Pet Sitter with advance written notification.

In Witness Whereof, the parties have executed this Agreement.

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