There are many benefits to hiring a professional Pet Sitter
Why a Pet Sitter
The benefits to your pet(s) include:
Being able to comfortably stay in their own home, greatly reducing their stress in  your

Limiting exposure to illnesses and diseases.

Maintaining their usual feeding schedule and routine.

Making new friends to pamper and dote on them!
The benefits to you include:
Most importantly, the peace of mind you get knowing your pet(s) and home are in  
good hands.

Convenience!  We come to you, saving you trips to drop off and pick up your pet(s).  
We will also do small errands, such as shopping for pet food/supplies or even
lightly stocking the fridge for your return.

Giving your home a "lived-in" look while you are away.  
* Who We Are *
Chris' lifelong love and concern for animals inspired her to pursue many different aspects of
animal care.  Her career started with volunteering for her local animal control, where she'd
visit daily to ensure all the animals received much needed TLC and that they were as
comfortable as possible during their stay.  She went on to become a certified groomer and
later, wanting to make more of a difference, she worked full-time in an animal shelter for
5½ years.  At the same time, she was working part-time in an animal hospital (where she is
still employed 7½ years later).  While working at the shelter, she saw that many animals
were surrendered because their owners simply had no time for them, which resulted in
easily solved behavior problems such as housebreaking issues, destruction caused by
boredom, lack of exercise, etc.  She saw a need to keep animals happily in their homes.  Along
with her co-worker, Michelle, she decided to start an in-home pet care business.   Some of
the stresses of being home alone all day can be alleviated by having a pet sitter visit to give
a pet relief and to burn off some energy, which can make a big difference in an animal's
behavior.  If this service helps one animal remain in a happy home, then the goal has been
accomplished.  Chris shares her home with two retired racing greyhounds, a pit bull and a
great dane (all rescue dogs).
  Click here for pictures!
Also an animal lover, Michelle has over 15 years experience in animal care, and almost as
many pets!!!  
Click here for pictures of Michelle's pets.  She started volunteering at her
local animal shelter while pursuing her master's degree. Not only did she spend over six
years as an employee of another local shelter, she has also worked at a kennel, as well as a
veterinary office, and most recently, as a volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation facility. This
summer, Michelle was able to take her first vacation in many years when she asked Chris to
care for her pets. Michelle knows first hand how difficult it can be to find the right person
to trust with such a big responsibility, and when Chris approached her with the idea of a
career in pet sitting, she realized she could utilize her love and understanding of animals to
provide pet owners with the same sense of comfort & security she had felt while away from